Anonymous:  You certainly aren't a waste of money. And I hope you really know that.


I’ve broken my phone for the second time in 3 months. 

" You are a waste of money." - said to me by an actual family member

My life is one giant waste of money.

Why on earth does money have that much power?

Why the hell do we give money that much power?

How can a life even compare to the value of money?

Why should we have to place monetary value on a life/ an actual human being.

We shouldn’t be living for money.

The laaaast thing that we should be living for is a man made piece of paper with fake significance. 

The fact that some people would sooner be kind to someone with money, than to someone who is genuine/ in need of assistance/ compassionate (insert moral value associated with humanity here) is disgusting. 

We pay to use water.

We pay to access food.

Whom do I really live for?

Someone somewhere probably profits from every decision I make.

We paaay to access clothing.

We paaay to be clean.

Our lives seem to be one giant bill.

People judge others based on what they can or cannot afford.

Education = $$$$ = Education= Job= health =education= $$$$$

Life is troubling.

Money is troubling.

The economy is troubling.

$$$$$$$$$$ooooooooooo done.

When I speak, do you hear my words?  Or do you hear coins spilling out of my mouth, and on to the floor.

“ It bothers me that no one has the patience to deal with someone who is just sad.

you’re the bee’s knees

you’re the bear’s elbows

the bird’s eyebrows

You’re the dolphin’s lips

the peacock’s ears

the seahorse’s nose

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